>Hypothese< Leaked Classified Documents from eg. NSA

Today I logged in to diaspora, and someone posted a link from leaked NSA documents. As many internet users I am curious about such things, so I klicked on the link. Then I came to a webpage with some information, and as a normal young internet user, I decided not to read it, because it was more than one side written text.

Somehow it seems, that for example the NSA, that has quite a lot of influence to the network loaded some malware to this website, that has even access to the telemetry system. Somehow like a code that kills, obfuscated with some big data stuff about me, that is not really coherent, so easy to disassemble, but that’s not the problem, the telemetry is. Possibly it’s not on the website but for example in the proprietary Operating System or can be loaded globally in the Operating Systems as a module to recognize classified documents.

After the fight with this demons and dragons, that I would have lost, if not someone disabled the telemetry access, I thought, where does this come from? Finally I guessed that it was this classified article about NSA, that I did not read. So I began to read it.

In case I understand this correctly, I would suggest the NSA, not to attack aggressively people with such documents, I would have ignored it. Further it would be “security through obscurity” and very offensive to kill someone because of a bit of information. Further it would be normal that the more time passes since the first bit ran through the internet, the more information is available, the more concept knowledge can derived from the information, the easier it is to get the whole picture.

So who would kill for such information? Those who already killed. Should they have access to such important systems? No. Who should have access? Those who really wan’t to look for the system, for all stakeholders. May I know why you are targeting me since 15 Years? I was a kid that just wanted to do what it was told to do, as many kids that went through the swiss education system.


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